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  • Build muscle
  • Faster recovery
  • Reverse the ageing process
  • Smoother skin
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Tans your skin







What Is Peptides ?

Peptides are biologically occurring short chains of amino acid monomers linked by peptide (amide) bonds. The covalent chemical bonds are formed when the carboxyl group of one amino acid reacts with the amine group of another. The shortest peptides are dipeptides, consisting of 2 amino acids joined by a single peptide bond, followed by tripeptides, tetrapeptides, etc. A polypeptide is a long, continuous, and unbranched peptide chain. Hence, peptides fall under the broad chemical classes of biological oligomers and polymers, alongside nucleic acids, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, etc.

Peptides are distinguished from proteins on the basis of size, and as an arbitrary benchmark can be understood to contain approximately 50 or fewer amino acids. Proteins consist of one or more polypeptides arranged in a biologically functional way, often bound to ligands such as coenzymes and cofactors, or to another protein or other macromolecule (DNA, RNA, etc.), or to complex macromolecular assemblies. Finally, while aspects of the lab techniques applied to peptides versus polypeptides and proteins differ (e.g., the specifics of electrophoresis, chromatography, etc.), the size boundaries that distinguish peptides from polypeptides and proteins are not absolute: long peptides such as amyloid beta have been referred to as proteins, and smaller proteins like insulin have been considered peptides.

Amino acids that have been incorporated into peptides are termed “residues” due to the release of either a hydrogen ion from the amine end or a hydroxyl ion from the carboxyl end, or both, as a water molecule is released during formation of each amide bond.

Peptide supplementation is suitable for both men and women.

There are large number of clinical studies available that show the following benefits from Peptide supplementation:

FAT –  fat tissue reduction

WEIGHT –  lose weight with Australian quality peptides

SKIN –  increased skin elasticity, texture, and tightness

MUSCLE –  lean muscle gains, strength and mass

ENERGY –  Increased energy and emotional stability

BONE –  improved bone strength and density

LIBIDO –  increased sexual potency and frequency

MEMORY –  improved mental functioning and strength

HEART –  improved cardiovascular strength and lower blood pressure

KIDNEY –  improved kidney function

IMMUNE SYSTEM –  improved immunity and healing

HAIR –  improved hair texture

CHOLESTEROL –  elevated HDL and lowered LDL


These are symptoms of a number of diseases. However, if you have a number of these symptoms, you may be experiencing adult-onset growth hormone deficiency. A simple test will provide additional information on your growth hormone status. Our blood test for GH releasing products is strongly advised before partaking in peptide treatment.

  • Have you lost muscle mass over the last few years?
  • Do you have less strength / endurance?
  • Do you find it takes longer to recover from physical activity?
  • Have you noticed that skin wounds and muscle strains take longer to heal?
  • Have you lost hair from your body?
  • Have you gained fat around your waist that is difficult to remove?
  • Has your thinking speed and memory declined?
  • Has your sleep quality decreased?
  • Do you feel less interested in joining others in social activity?
  • Do you feel tired most of the time, despite being well-rested?


Peptide therapy is a type of treatment used for autoimmune disorders, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and some types of allergies. These therapies are based on the idea that peptides can be used and manipulated to help the body fight certain illnesses and diseases. While there is still a lot of research needed, some patients have shown significant progress and improvement.

Peptides are specific compounds in the body. They are the result of two amino acids. A peptide can be multifunctional, and can function as a protein, a hormone, or aid in the process of digestion. Exactly how a peptide functions is dependent on the type of therapy and condition being treated. This manipulation is a large contributing factor of what makes peptide therapy potentially beneficial.

  • Anti Aging & Ageing Well
  • Bodybuilding Peptides for Muscle Growth
  • Sun Safety – Tanning Peptide
  • Injury Repair
  • Fat / Hair Loss
  • Insomnia Treatment
  • Mood Enhancers


“My freckles are reduced significantly. As a foreign labour agent, my working hour is very long. Often will be outside exposed to sunlight. After the birth of my second child, the freckles on my face becomes very obvious. I sign a few beauty saloon courses to improve my facial conditions but does not help much. A friend of mine introduced me to Peptide from Sydney. After consuming for 30 days, my friends noticed that the freckles on my face has reduced significantly. I can also feel my skin texture is soft and suppleness is being restored. I am now consuming 2 sticks of Peptide everyday as my anti-aging supplement”

Kaye Jackson